Otec: Cool Boy You´re the Inspiration

m: Devonshires French Harmony

  • m: Sure Shot Hypsire Impressive (m: Windfall´s Pipe Major x f: Janrod´s Tammy Whynot)
  • f: Devonshires French Twist (m: Valleywood Blackthom Brier x f: Devonshires French Kiss)

f: Strongline´s Eye Candy

  • m: mallom´s Ursus Arctos (m: Visions I´M Able x f: Mallom´s MMM Marabou)
  • f: Srongline´s Kiss Kiss (m: Strongline´s Goblin x f: Strongline´s Piggywiggy)

Matka: A´Destined ToVictory Caniwergi´s

m: Carpenny Micah at Suttonpark

  • m: Suttonpark Manifesto (m: Saranden Saboteur x f: Mileoak Cranberry from Suttonpark)
  • f: Carpenny Far and Above (m: Lembas To the Moon And Back x f: Carpenny Rustina)

f: Camelle Cream Belle Moravia

  • m: Bradston´s Under A Texas Moon (m: Kindly American Eagle v.d. Weeward x f: Bradston´s Pillow Talk)
  • f: Awendy Belle Moravia (m: Bubbling Yves x f: Bessy z Ročkova)