KPZ Ivančice 20.10. 2018

After successful autumn exams, we went through a lengthy administrative carousel, where we felt pre-paid for 10 extended rides. We had badly – or, insufficiently – written judging table. And it was i big problem – so we had to chech it out on trial but we were very pleased to have done the test and forgot to check everything.

with badly judging table, it was not possible to issue a work certificate. So we are now richer in this experience and will improve (on at least try to improve) for others.

I really appereciate all of whom I had to appeal to this problem because they were all incredibly good, nice and helpful.

I am proud that I have (today already officially) a working dog. There were also minor shortcomings that made Doník move to III. price – because Donik is simply crazy dog and i love him for this.

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