World Dog Show 2018 – Amsterdam

So, we are back home from a big trip. We went over 2 000 kilometrs, and we spent 4 beautiful days in Amsterdam, where we went for a world dog show. We did not just go out with Donik, we were here with chocolate lab Lee Grand Sarblet and Deutscher Wachtelhund (German Spaniel) Ataman z Bílé Vody (owner: David Šihor)

A lot of people could say, that we didn´t have a great trip but we are so happy for it. The show results don´t look like it, but we have a lot of great experiences and this is more important for us.

Donik had about 15 dogs at a special show in the class and next day at world show even 31.

One success we brought home:

Ataman z Bílé Vody – Exc.1, CAC, CACIB, BOB, Benelux winner and world winner!!!


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