KPZ Ivančice 20.10. 2018

After successful autumn exams, we went through a lengthy administrative carousel, where we felt pre-paid for 10 extended rides. We had badly – or, insufficiently – written judging table. And it was i big problem – so we had to chech it out on trial but we were very pleased to have done the test and forgot to check everything.

with badly judging table, it was not possible to issue a work certificate. So we are now richer in this experience and will improve (on at least try to improve) for others.

I really appereciate all of whom I had to appeal to this problem because they were all incredibly good, nice and helpful.

I am proud that I have (today already officially) a working dog. There were also minor shortcomings that made Doník move to III. price – because Donik is simply crazy dog and i love him for this.

JCh.CZ, Ch.SK, candidate Ch.CZ, A, PL
Dangerous Dario Caniwergi´s:

STUD DOG (3,5y)
date of birth 5.5. 2015
Canisterapeutical dog
Genetically healthy
Hunting preconditions
Great dogshow results

JCh.CZ, Ch.SK, candidate Ch.A, PL, CZ

So, Donik and his lovely character. He used his sweet temperament to get next great “title” – Canisterapeutical dog. 
I thing it´s the best certificate ever, because this title means that Donik can help other people.

We would like to thank all those who took part in this certificate, it is another success for us in collection of so many wonderful achievements, bud this one is the most beautiful. This “title” shines among all other titles of beauty, because this award has sense for many other poeple.

Year 2018 is slowly ending. This year everyone we had joy and sorrows. We all had many problems, but also small and big successes. The solved problems and other successes made us happy. Achievements created all year a smile on our lips and gave us hope that all work made sense.

One thing is certain. We all are one year older, we are more experienced and maybe wiser.

I wish everyone a beautiful, peaceful and relaxed Christmas and plenty of pleasant experiences and successes, lots of health, happiness and love in the following year. We hope that 2019 will be as successful for all as 2018 for us.  

JCh. CZ, Ch.SK a candidate Ch. PL, A, CZ

healthy dog, hunting, working and show dog

Shows: 4x CAJC, 11x CAC, CACA, CWC, 5x r.CAC, r.CACIB, BOS, club show winner of young
Health: DKK, DLK 0/0, PRA-PRCD, HNPK, EIC, DM – N/N (clear), without brown gen
Exams: OVVR, autumn exams

20.10. 2018 – KPZ Ivančice – Dangerous Dario Caniwergi´s

This was a phenomenal week. This week we could not finish better.

I would like to congratulate both of them. These couple is great proof that if you want something and you go behind it, you will achieve that. The leader is closer to the title “experienced cynologist” and this gold dog is closer to the best hunting dog ever.

Great thanks to all the organization, the organizers of the trials and the judges, who were enormously human, patient, friendly but very professional and serios.

In the future I want a lot of show and work successes and more 4 on the judging table.

8. – 9.9. 2018 Club dog show Brno – Žebětín

Nice end of our dog show season 2018. We are looking forward to 2019. Thank you all for best time at shows, we hope you will be most successfull as now.

8.9. 2018 – judge: Mrs.Carol Reynolds (Carromer) UK (champion class): Exc.4
9.9. 2018 – judge: Mrs. Christine Bailiss (Tissalian) UK (champion class): Exc.2, res. CAC

Duodanube Bratislava – 18. – 19.8. 2018
Dangerous Dario Caniwergi´s:

18.8. 2018 – judge: V. Vítková (champion class) – Exc.1, CAC
19. 8. 2018 – judge: R. Kanas (champion class) – Exc.2, r.CAC

This weekend was really summer. I almost wanted to say that it would be better to spend dogs near the water and home. Small swimming pool we also made on horse racing racetrack which was dedicated to dog show this weekend. All dogs have a lot of water and we cooled them by the water from the outside. We spent most of the time in the shade. I rather did not look at the thermometer – it was really hot weather.

So thank you for presentation David Šihor. But the greatest thank you belong to my daddy because he cares about riding with car and technical thing about car.

World Dog Show 2018 – Amsterdam

So, we are back home from a big trip. We went over 2 000 kilometrs, and we spent 4 beautiful days in Amsterdam, where we went for a world dog show. We did not just go out with Donik, we were here with chocolate lab Lee Grand Sarblet and Deutscher Wachtelhund (German Spaniel) Ataman z Bílé Vody (owner: David Šihor)

A lot of people could say, that we didn´t have a great trip but we are so happy for it. The show results don´t look like it, but we have a lot of great experiences and this is more important for us.

Donik had about 15 dogs at a special show in the class and next day at world show even 31.

One success we brought home:

Ataman z Bílé Vody – Exc.1, CAC, CACIB, BOB, Benelux winner and world winner!!!